Softub Legend 220

Softub Legend 220 | 4 Person Spa

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t220_300wThe T-220 Softub began its heritage as the first Softub made back in 1984. Softub designed its spas with the consideration of avoiding a “good”, “better”, “best” difference like many spa brands. With Softub you have the same quality, reliability, durability and enjoyability in all three models.

  • The Legend 220 is 12″ bigger than the Sportster 140, and 6″ smaller than the Resort 300. It’s also 24″ deep, enough for a 6′ tall person to have pleanty room to completely relax. (The Resort 300 is 27″ deep).
  • You’ll still be able to stretch out and be up to your shoulders in water, or you’ll comfortably rest your arms on the sides of the Softub.
  • The Legend 220 is a 1-4 person spa.
  • You’ll have soothing hydrotherapy from its five (5) therapeutic jets.
  • It makes the perfect addition to the family as the mid-priced Softub.



Softub Legend 220 Specs

  • 4 person
  • 71” Outer Diameter
  • 60” Inner Diameter
  • 24” Height
  • 5 Jets
  • 220 Gallons
  • 65lbs (empty)
  • 21lbs Thermal Lid
  • Filled Weight: 2000lbs
  • 110v, 15Amp
  • Colored LED Light- NEW!
  • Softub Manufactures Suggested Retail Price $4,695.00.
  • Factory price does not include- shipping, delivery chem kit or sales tax
  • You’ll save even more if you live in the 805 area.
  • Call us today for our “Huge Incentives” 805-654-9000.